Environmental, Social, and Governance

Committed to Our Stakeholders

Aspiring Success in Assessing, Reporting, and Accountability

Our ESG foundation is grounded in understanding this is not a short-term process, but a long-term goal that will lead Huntington to continued ESG success. We recognize that a focus on ESG is important to our business and stakeholders.

Our Purpose in Action

2022 ESG Report

Huntington's commitment to serving others has been our core value and purpose since our founding in 1866. This dedicated focus on being a trusted partner has never been more important. Our stakeholders—our communities, customers, colleagues, and shareholders—are living through periods of rapid innovation and promising change.

Technological, social, environmental, economic, and numerous other advancements will impact all of us in the years to come. Huntington has never been better-positioned to address the challenges—and capitalized on the opportunities—that change presents. Our steadfast focus on creating more inclusive and economically vibrant communities, becoming the best place our colleagues will ever work, and helping customers manage their energy transition and decarbonization efforts are enabling us to chart our path forward.

Our continued progress would not be possible without the dedication of Huntington’s nearly 20,000 colleagues. We thank them for bringing Huntington’s Purpose into focus each day. We also thank our stakeholders for their shared belief that we have an opportunity to make people’s lives better.

It is through this shared belief that we are proud to say we are Purpose-driven. Always and All Ways.

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Sustainability-focused Projects and Initiatives

We recognize that our business operations need to focus on our impact on climate change and our ability to create more sustainable business practices. That is why we offer accountability through reporting, support of sustainable practices from the ground up, and identifying and implementing regulation practices.


Our People are Our Best Asset

We believe in our people and want to provide them with a safe, inclusive, trusting, and empathetic culture. We also want to support the people in the communities we serve by supporting diversity and inclusivity through our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) and Inclusion Councils.


Banking on Doing the Right Thing

Our Board of Directors is committed to serving our stakeholders in the best way possible, whether that is ESG oversight, improving reporting standards or evaluating risk management practices.