It's Time for Candy, Flowers, a Romantic Dinner and a Trip to the ATM - Prepare to Spend Between $160 and $400 to Play Cupid in 2007

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jan. 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- If you are a would-be Romeo, make certain you have enough cash in your savings and checking accounts so that you are able to enjoy the most romantic day of the year without straining your finances. Since many a Romeo is also shopping at the last minute for these items, he may not have time to comparison shop and is likely to pay more than he anticipated.

Huntington Bank is estimating that the traditional presents of candy in a heart-shaped box, roses and a candlelight dinner could set you back between $160 and $400 depending on your price range.

"Huntington has priced the most common Valentine's Day presents to help remind consumers of the need to budget, save and avoid debt," said Mary Navarro, senior executive vice president of retail and commercial banking at Huntington Bank. "February is often a tough financial month for consumers with many of them still facing bills from the holidays. Consumers should consider paying in cash or scaling back their encounter with cupid, rather than using credit and incurring more debt. We know that the savings rate among Americans is the lowest it has been since 1933. At Huntington, we want to help consumers turn around this trend."

Huntington estimates that long-stemmed red roses weigh in at $69.99 to $129.99, depending on whether you order one dozen or two dozen. Chocolates in the customary heart-shaped box can be as little as $9.99 to $65.00 for specialty ones. A romantic dinner can log in at $85 for a chicken pasta dinner with wine and appetizer to a steak dinner for $170.

If a bauble is expected, plan to spend $50 to $100 for a sterling necklace to $18,000 for the tennis bracelet with six carats of diamonds.

If you want to make your demonstration of love more manageable next year, consider these savings tips:

    1. Track your daily spending including any expenditures for coffee, sodas
       and snacks. You will be amazed at the money you spend on items you
       probably don't need.
    2. Draw up a budget based on what you do need that includes an allocation
       for monthly savings.
    3. Open a savings account.
    4. If your employer offers direct deposit, have a portion of your check
       directly placed in savings.
    5. Remember, it is not too late to pay off your credit card in 2007. Start
       by paying more than the minimum that is due. Pay as much as possible,
       and be sure to pay more on your balance than you spend each month.

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