Huntington to Offer Free Credit Report Review At All Banking Offices

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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 24, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Huntington Bank announced it will hold free credit report reviews at all banking offices. Have you checked your credit report recently? Are there any errors on your credit report? Does your report indicate that someone may have been using your identity? These are the questions Huntington employees can help consumers answer as they review credit reports. Additionally, consumers can benefit from speaking with a banker to learn more information about how to take advantage of new FDIC rules, the benefits of banking online and determine if converting from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA makes sense.

With the end of the year fast approaching, Huntington's financial guidance will help customers to get their financial houses in order as they begin 2009. The credit report reviews will concentrate on finding errors in the reports such as incorrect names, canceled credit cards that remain on the reports, indications of identity theft and any incorrect information about payment history.

"Consumers have been faced with financial challenges this year. Over the years, Huntington's bankers have been able to help. Considering the ups and downs we've seen during the last several months, we want to make sure consumers know we're here," said Mary Navarro, Huntington's regional banking group president. "Reviewing credit reports so that people can understand the information that is in them, make certain the information is correct, realize the impact of their credit history and check for any identity theft is an important step to managing finances. It can be intimidating, so with this effort Huntington wants to make it easy."

Credit reports play a role in:

  --  Loan rates: Credit reports are used to determine whether a
      customer qualifies for a loan and if so, the rate of interest
      for which they qualify. A good credit report can save thousands
      of dollars of interest over the life of a loan.

  --  Auto insurance scores: An insurance score is calculated from
      information on a credit report as well as other information.
      The insurance score can be used to calculate insurance rates.

  --  Employment screening: Some companies use credit reports as
      screening tools for potential employees.

Anyone interested in obtaining help in reviewing their credit report can visit any Huntington banking office. Consumers can download their free report from and take it to a Huntington office to review with a banker. Or a Huntington banker will assist consumers in downloading and reviewing the report during their visit.

Five important credit report tips to keep in mind:

   1.  Consumers can receive one free credit report per year from
       each of the three credit reporting agencies from
   2.  If you find errors, make a copy of the report and circle the
       items you are questioning. Keep the original copy for your
       own records.
   3.  Prepare a letter for the credit reporting agency that provided
       you with the report in question, and request to have erroneous
       item(s) removed. If you have proof of payment for an item in
       question, include a copy of that documentation.
   4.  Prepare a letter to the creditor reporting the problem. Inform
       the creditor that you are disputing an error reported to the
       credit reporting agency. State why the claim is inaccurate and
       include any relevant information to prove your point.
   5.  Send your correspondence through certified mail.

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